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New on the menu: Dry Aged Lamb

Applying dry ageing techniques to all classes of sheepmeat has the potential to attract a price premium of up to 30 per cent and create more demand in the food sector for traditionally lesser value cuts. New research, funded by…

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A good steak needs a good cut. But what lies behind the English terms as Ribeye or T-Bone? The DRY AGER® team will tell you the most popular steak cuts and their merits. Brisket Depending on the quality of meat,…

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Forward Thinking in the Food Industry

The modern food phenomenon has been ignited by television shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, bearing a heavy influence on the contemporary consumer. Combined with social media, the public is fast becoming more culinary adventurous and aware. The desire…

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What happens during meat ripening?

Not only well-hung Dry Aged Beef must mature, but also the “normal” meat. For the animal to be consumed after slaughter, it needs the meat ripening. Here, chemical forces work to make the muscle meaty edible. After the slaughter it…

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Why does meat have to hang?

In order to make it really enjoyable, freshly slaughtered beef must “hang and mature” at cool temperatures. The effect of the centuries-old butcher tradition has long been proved by chemical knowledge. In the case of meat, not only does a…

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