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Otto Wilde grill- The world best Steak Grill recommended by Pat Lafrieda

The secret behind a perfect steak lies in the right temperature. After only a few minutes of preheating, Otto’s O.F.B. reaches temperatures of over 900°C. At these high temperatures, your steak gets a delicious crust from the outside (Maillard reaction), while remaining tender and moist from the inside. With Otto’s O.F.B. you produce steak results that cannot be replicated with any other cooking method.

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Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast
The Otto Grill features dual radiant OverFire™ burners which reach 1500°F in just 3 minutes. Conventional grills take much longer to heat up and cook by convection, drying out the food. Otto’s Radiant Technology radiates infrared waves directly into the food, allowing for higher steak-searing temperatures and faster cooking while taking the food-drying out of the equation.

Extreme Temperatures create a wonderful moisture and flavor sealing crust on your steaks
On the Otto Steak Grill, you’ll start by searing both sides of your steaks for just two minutes per side. This is what creates the all-important crust. The phenomenon is called the Maillard Effect which, in layman’s terms, identifies the reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars in the meat that melt together when subjected to high heat.

Cooking with Top Heat is Consistent & Eliminates Flare-ups
A traditional grill cooks from below causing flare-ups from grease and meat juices dripping into the heat source. These flare-ups, in turn, cause variable temperatures, charred food and uneven cooking. On the Otto Grill, steaks are cooked from above so grease drips into a drip pan below. This means no flare-ups to cause uneven cooking.

Dual OverFire™ Burners, Dual Control
The Otto Steak Grill has two OverFire™ radiant burners that are independently adjustable, not just on/off. This gives you precise control to adjust the temperature on both sides as opposed to one switch.

Radiant Heat Technology allows open front Design
Watch your food grill! The Radiant Heat Technology allows the Otto Grill to have an open-front design giving you easy access to your steak. You can watch your steaks cook so you’re ready to take them off the grill at any moment. You’ll eventually become an expert at visually knowing when your steaks are done.

Adjust the Grate Height, Ensure Reliability
When cooking at 1,500 degrees, it is important that adjusting the grate height is foolproof. The Otto’s Smooth Move adjustable grate system is just that — reliable. Using the Clever Lever, adjusting the height of the grate is remarkably smooth and safely secure because of the resistance, which is also adjustable.

Cast Iron Grate Holds Heat & Largest Porterhouse Steak
The cast iron grate designed for the Otto Grill helps to retain heat, requires minimal care and is large enough to cook even the largest Porterhouse steaks. The grate slides in easily and stays securely on the adjustable lift of the Otto Steak Grill.

Removable Grill Top for “It’s That Easy?!” Clean-up
The truth of the matter is, thanks to Otto’s OverFire™ cook-from-above design causing no grease flare-ups, there is less mess to clean up. If that wasn’t enough, the entire top section is easily removed with the flip of two latches, giving you unparalleled cleaning access.

Award-Winning German Engineering Premium 304 Stainless Steel
Synonymous with German engineering, the Otto Steak Grill is elegant, functional and unrivaled in performance. In 2018, we were honored to win the prestigious German Design Award! Made with 304 stainless steel, the Otto Grill is built to last, outperform and look great.


That cannot be replicated at your convenience anywhere anytime



Steakhouse Hot, Steakhouse Fast – The O.F.B. heats up from 0 to 900°C in less than 3 min.


High temperatures from above cause Maillard Effect which creates crust on meat.


Crusty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside – perfect!


Thanks to its precise temperature regulation and flexible height adjustment, the Otto Grill can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Seafood, fish, burgers, veggies and molten dessert will be a grilled perfection on your Otto Grill.

The right equipment for your business

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Small But MIGHTY

The Capacity of Otto Wilde can hold BIG meat. Think 2 Tomahawks, 4 Racks Prime Ribs, 6 burgers at once, 12 Skewers, 1KG of Pork Belly or Italian Porchetta and even Whole Fish.


Grilling in Otto Wilde is FAST due to its high heat technology 900°C. The Food is cooked 40% faster than an open grill and when we grill fast, moisture loss is less = JUICY


Otto Wilde Grills can fit in Restaurant cook line, Install on Food Truck, Catering Businesses, Vendor, Marketplace, Outdoor Patio Cooking and more! There are Gas model which is portable anywhere and Electric Model that can be used in any premises without restriction.